Committed to quality


Formalit is a Copenhagen-based consultancy, founded in 1998 by Morten Heine Sørensen. Its present name and form was adopted in 2006.

Morten is a trained instructor, experienced consultant, and internationally recognized researcher with a background as assistant professor at the department of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen. He holds M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees and is author of a book on the theoretical foundations of typed programming languages as well as numerous papers in international conferences and journals. He has a track-record of two decades of successful software projects and has held many courses in academia and industry.

Formalit enjoys working with partners, both when it comes to negotiating consultant contracts, as well as for arranging courses, whether these are open or customer-adapted. We are good at navigating in organizations.

Formalit's values are these:

  • Maximize the project's benefit of our participation. It's the customer's money.

  • Maintain progress under all circumstances. Adopt solution-orientation. We are there to solve a problem.

  • Clarify vague specifications rather than make silent assumptions (which often turn out to be wrong later).

  • Focus on correctness end-to-end, rather than simple-mindedly narrowing attention to our own component in isolation.